Why Get a Home Inspection?

For most people, their home is the biggest investment they will ever make. For some, this investment can turn into a nightmare of repair and maintenance expenses. Even worse than buying a money pit is buying a home that puts your family at risk with unsafe wiring or environmental hazards such as mold or asbestos. Even when no serious faults are uncovered, a home inspection helps provide peace of mind and provides valuable insight into what should be done to maintain your home if you decide to buy. Learn more about the importance of a home inspection.

Why Choose Home Explore Inspections/Ryan Bowering?

Our motto is "Be aware before you buy!"

I provide an exceptionally thorough and informative home inspection, regardless of whether my clients are first time homebuyers or seasoned owners. I not only inspect your future home, but educate you on how to maintain it. I am dedicated to my profession and hold the highest qualifications for inspectors in Chatham-Kent. I belong to a first-class group of home inspectors who are accredited through the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI).

I have been inspecting full time for over 10 years now. You will not find another inspector more committed and focused on providing clients with excellent customer service and quality home inspections. I am looking after your best interests at all times.

I provide you with a comprehensive but understandable report of the inspection, and you are also entitled to free telephone consultation for as long as you own your home. Additionally, if you don’t believe you’ve received a quality inspection and report, there is no charge to you!

Home inspections in Ontario are not regulated so anyone can claim to be a home inspector. Learn why it is important to choose a Registered Home Inspector.

"Chatham-Kent's Registered Home Inspector (RHI)"
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