Structural Issues

Chatham-Kent, and Wallaceburg especially, have many houses with crawl spaces. I always say to homebuyers, ďDonít fall in love with a house before looking at the crawl spaceĒ. This is by far the most important part of the inspection. Rotten wood members and makeshift supports are common practices. I am always on the lookout for improper "homeowner renovations". Unlike many inspectors, I make it a point to get to all areas of the crawl space, if possible. My years of experience have taught me where to look for problems, and that one part of a crawl space can be in good condition, while another part is completely rotted

When dealing with older homes, I realize that old houses arenít perfect but can be still structurally sound. On the other hand, one common issue I see is older houses with poured concrete or rubble stone foundations, which can deteriorate over time and are potentially costly to fix.

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