Yes, infrared (I.R.) or thermography imagers are an excellent diagnostic tool having many applications. However, they cannot see through walls, they can’t see through anything, they can’t see water, and they can’t see mold, all they measure is the infrared energy (a type of temperature) of a surface. Further, in order for them to provide any useful information they require a very controlled set of conditions and operating environment, which typically are not available at the time of a home inspection.

Some inspectors will try to convince you that owning an I.R. camera makes you a good inspector. The truth is that a fancy camera does not make up for education, training or experience. In fact, it can make for an inferior inspection, because so much time and energy has been focussed on the infrared/thermography part of the inspection. Just because you own a stethoscope, it doesn't make you a doctor!

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